Deaf woman pro wrestler shows fighting spirits at Tokyo

YAKAMI Aoi (left) used dynamic technique in the air.

The JWP Women's Professional Wrestling Match was held in the Kourakuen Hall at Tokyo on December 23, 2010. YAKAMI Aoi (29), was the first Deaf woman wrestler to fight on the mat.

She teamed with Command Bolshoi (age unknown) whom she adores as hearing mentor, and they fought against the hearing rivals.

Yakami demonstrated highly fighting spirits using a few techniques on the opponent, but she was held down to her for three counts at the end.

After the fight, Yakami was interviewed, saying, "I felt mortified and will do my best next time".

Her teammate Bolshoi also said, "Yakami had a wonderful game for the Korakuen debut. Her fight skills are close to the Junior belt level". Also she promised the backup to Yakami in the future, saying "I will learn more sign language so that we may contact in sign language during the match".

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