Deaf student from Hokkaido wins highest prize for shcool composition contest

Noda is pleased with the certificate of merit of the National School for the Deaf Composition Contest in his hands.


NODA Koudai (14), a second grader of the Hakodate School for the Deaf junior high school in Hokkaido, won the highest prize in the junior high school section of the 6th National School for the Deaf Composition Contest.

His composition was written based on the experience of the study presentation held in the autumn of 2009, with which parties concerned are very pleased as the first accomplishment for the school.

The Society on Welfare and Education for the Deaf and the Association of the Heads of the National Schools for the Deaf sponsor the contest every year.

There was an application of 167 pieces of the composition from the schools for the deaf across the country. Out of them, 64 pieces were submitted for the junior high school section at the contest.

Noda started writing a story in June, 2010 with his teacher's guidance. He wrote about his own enhancing experience at the study presentation, while repeating the writing practice.

He speaks, "I am not good at thinking of an idea though I like writing". He was puzzled to learn that he won the gold prize, saying that he was surprised because he had thought that his composition was not sure to be chosen. He finally told that he would like to write a book on his experience in the future.

Principal SHIMAZU Akira was pleased to say, "Our school has been emphasizing the composition exercise, so we are proud of this award. It would certainly encourage the Deaf students who are not good at writing".

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