Deaf snowboarder to debut at Deaflympics in February


January 13, 2011

TEZUKA Hisano (33), a company employee in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, will debut to the alpine snowboard match at the Deaflympic Games in Slovakia in February.

She started skiing at the age of four, and snowboarding at the age of 24. She is enthusiastic, "I want to tell Deaf people about the charm of the Deaflympic Games and sports", in addition to aiming at the good record.

Tezuka is Deaf because of illness when she was born. She was enrolled in the mainstream programs in Utsunomiya City in the prefecture.

She was employed at a pharmaceutical company Glaxo SmithKline based in Tokyo after she graduated from the high school. She is currently involved in an inventory control practice at the Imaichi factory.

She was invited by a friend to play snowboard in 2002, beginning a workout to get over dark feelings from deafness".

After she changed the free-style into alpine in 2006, she accomplished the victory and the second place by giant slalom and the rotation item in the national winter game and the international game respectively. She practices in the ski area in foreign countries as well as Japan.

Tezuka will leave on February 8, and adjust herself in the locale immediately before the game on February 20.

The employer has supported Tezuka's game activity since last year and plans to cover the expedition expense by donations from the company and the employees this time, too.

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