Deaf mother makes long-sleeved dress for daughter's Coming of Age ceremony in Okinawa

Tamaki Masami (left) finishes up long-sleeved dress hand-sewn for daughter Hazuki.

January 4, 2011

TAMAKI Masami (45), a Deaf-born mother living in Okinawa Prefecture, hand-sewed the traditionally long-sleeved dress (kimono) for her first hearing daughter Hazuki (20). She will celebrate the Coming of Age ceremony on January 10, putting on the only one long-sleeved dress in the world that mother made.

Masami made it with thanks to Hazuki who has helped mother communicate with hearing people since her early childhood, and a wish for her to become a wonderful adult whatever difficulties ahead.

Masami had worked in Japanese dressmaking for about nine years while bringing up her children. As she was away from the work for years, she attended the kimono school by about three months between part-time work and housework. The advanced technique is necessary to finish up the long-sleeved dress hand-sewn.

The director of the school praised her, "She is great at using her hands and also quick to know how to do with the needles". To rent costumes for the Coming of Age ceremony is common nowadays, and she speaks, "There is little hand-sewn long-sleeved dress at the Coming of Age ceremony".

Hazuki first put on the special hand-made kimono at Christmas on December 25 last year. It was a moment when she had felt mother's love. She said, "I learned Mother's wish the first time. I will treasure it for my life", and the large tears dropped out of the eyes. Masami's dream of making daughter's long-sleeved dress was fulfilled. Proudly she watched daughter in kimono.

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