Deaf high school student selected to national team for "Deaflympic Games" in Slovakia

Kitashiro Taichi says, "I want to win a prize. If possible, I want to take the medal".

KITASHIRO Taichi (17), a Deaf student attending a hearing school, Seiai High School, located in Hirossaki City, Aomori Prefecture, will compete in alpine skiing at the 17th Deaflympic Games" (winter) in Slovakia in February, 2011.

Kitashiro, who started skiing at the age of three, speaks of his aspiration, "I want to work hard for the medal as a national team member". He had participated in the national training camp held in Otaru City, Hokkaido until January 2, 2011, working on the technical improvement.

Five sports items, such as cross-country skiing, snowboard, curling (new), and the ice hockey besides alpine skiing, will be held. Over 700 athletes and officers from 25 countries and regions will be participate. Japan will send a team of 21 athletes and, 31 officers and staff members.

Kitashiro participated in the alpine skiing item under 34 years old or younger at the 41st National Winter Sports Meet for the Deaf" in Otaru City in February, 2010, and won the two items, the slalom and giant slalom.

A request from the Japanese athletes selection committee of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf on the Deaflympics reached the school in December, 2010. Kitashiro was officially allowed to join in the Deaflympic Games for the first time.

His father Takahiro (46) spoke, "I want him to do to his best as he has practiced. I also want him to get to win a prize for the Japanese team".

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