"Sign language bar" being operated in Tokyo

Owner SATO (left) with the cast and manager KIMURA Takuya at the "Sign language bar".
(photo: http://ueno.keizai.biz/headline/731/)

Two months passed after the "Sign language bar, Kimi no Te (Your hands)" had opened in Tokyo on October 3.

This bar offers the opportunity to the customer to enjoy eating and drinking while using sign language with Deaf and hearing female cast.

Sato, a hearing man who owns the bar, said, "There is little place for people to enjoy drinking and signing. I wanted to make the place where everyone shares the happiness of communications in sign language".

Most of eight members of the cast, Deaf and hearing, were hired through the Internet. Sato explained, "The Deaf can also work at this bar just like hearing persons, because it is business pursuing the profit, not for welfare. I would like to have more customers to visit our bar".

A Deaf member of the cast says, "I am glad that the guest notices sign language as an interesting language. They see deafness as positive side, not a negative one". Other member also says, "I have had a yearning in this occupation. I am glad to fulfill the dream. I feel happy to see that the guest is enjoying regardless of sign language".

40 seats. The charge is a single-unit of 60 minutes, 5,000 yen for man and 3,000 yen for woman. Business hours 19:00-1:00. Closed on Sunday, holidays, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

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