Professional baseball player promises victory to Deaf students in Tokyo

Takahashi Yoshinobu (left) shows how to bat at the school for the Deaf.

Outfielder Takahashi Yoshinobu (35) of the Giants team based in Tokyo visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Tachikawa School for the Deaf in Tachikawa City, Tokyo on December 5, and led the baseball workshop.

He then swore to the baseball club members, "I promise that my team will win the national championship next year".

He first visited the school in 2004. He had promised that he would sign on TV if he achieved the first opening game at bat in 2005, which indeed came true.

The baseball club members at that time also achieved the promise made with Takahashi; they won at the "Kanto Regional Deaf School Baseball Tournament" in the summer of 2006.

Since 2006, Takahashi has spent an unwilling season due to the deterioration of lumbago, etc. He played 116 games for this season, a sign of revival, though he is unsatisfied.

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