Interpreting to be offered at event with over 300 Deaf participants in Nagano Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture Governor Abe announced at the press conference on December 3 that his administration would place the interpreters and note takers at the event sponsored by the prefecture with 300 or more Deaf participants expected.

Up to now, the interpreters and note takers had been placed at the event in which the Deaf persons participated.

The prefecture officials said that there are about 8000 Deaf residents in the prefecture, which means one Deaf person per about 270 inhabitants, so the event with over 300 participants will be available for interpreting. This is assumed to be a part of Governor's effort to make the environment accessible to the Deaf community in the prefecture.

The gender equality forum and the youth health promotion conference, etc. held by the prefecture every year will be offered with the interpreting and note-taking services, too. Even if there are less 300 Deaf participants, it still will be provided as usual.

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