Hearing high school in Kyoto prefecture holds annual sign language debate contest

The Deaf and hearing students have shared the school life together since 1971 at the Prefecture Yamashiro High School in Kyoto City. Over 100 Deaf students have graduated, and presently 15 Deaf students are enrolled.

In the high school, there are accommodations for these Deaf students to study with the hearing students in the classroom.

- The teacher will not talk with his back to the Deaf students.
- The teacher follows up to support the Deaf students for the experiment in the science class, etc.
- The visual material is always captioned, etc.

The sign language debate contest has been held every year since 1984. The Deaf student has a chance to present a speech about his own experience, etc. in sign language and the spoken language at the same time. Such an event has offered all the students to consider learning together at the school and to promote them to be aware of the disability issues.

The speech contest was held on November 17, and about 100 people came. Ten first- and second-year students gave a speech. Some of them worked on sign language for the first time, so the manuscript was prepared for about two months as well as they practiced repeatedly to brush up the sign language.

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