Hard of hearing student aged 72 eager to study at hearing school in Tokushima Prefecture

Tagami Sadao attends the class with the hearing students at the Naruto High School.
(photo: http://www.topics.or.jp/localNews/news/2010/11/2010_12903185873.html)

Tagami Sadao (72) is the ever eldest student at Naruto High School, which offers the four-year evening program, in Tokushima Prefecture. He has never missed any class for two years since he was enrolled.

Tagami, a native of Osaka City, moved with his elder sister away from their parents for evacuation during the war. Then he lost hearing due to chronic inflammation of the middle ear.

He got back with his family to live in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture after the war, and had been bullied by his classmates in elementary and junior high schools.

When Tagami took the examination of a hearing high school and passed it, his father told him, "Why do you go to school even if you are deaf? Instead you should find a job". So Tagami gave up going to school.

He found employment in the barbershop in Kobe City, but was fired due to deafness, returning home and starting to help the family business to sale the tea, which later became his profession.

The class hour of the high school is 18:00-21:00 from Monday thorough Friday. So Tagami goes to school at once after closing the green tea shop that he manages with his wife Kazumi (67).

He is also taking a correspondence course offered by other high school and attends the class every Sunday at the school. He will graduate from Naruto High School next year, earlier than his hearing classmates by one year.

Tagami always sits in front of the platform in the classroom because he is using the hearing aid, and copies all what is written on the blackboard to his notebook. He spoke, "The class shows me a clue to solve any doubt every time I attend. Study is unbearably interesting!".

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