Encouraging Deaf students to understand Deaflympic Games in Oita Prefecture

Deaf player Kobori and the students at the School for the Deaf in Oita Prefecture
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/localNews/2010_129246185717.html)

There was a meeting on the Deaflympic Games, which the Deaf players active at the international game came to the Prefecture School for the Deaf in Oita Prefecture on December 15. Over 30 students participated in the meeting and learned how to enjoy the sports as well as the importance of hard work.

The last Deaflympics was held in Taipei in 2009, and 245 athletes participated from Japan. One of them was KOBORI Tomofumi (39), who won the bronze medal for the badminton mixed doubles and won 5th place for the team match.

He told the students about how he started playing badminton, the training method, etc. "Without the understanding from the boss and coworkers, it would be difficult for me to participate in any international game including the Deaflympics. I am working hard at the practice aiming at the next Deaflympics in Greek in 2013".

Afterwards, the students played a game with Kobori, and there was applause to his smash every time.

TAHARA Naoyuki, a member of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf sports committee as the organizer of the meeting, said, "Even in the Deaf community, people hardly know of Deaflympic Games as it is not well known in Japan. We hope many people encourage the Deaf players because they are working hard for our country".

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