DVD on medicine in sign language produced in Oita Prefecture

YANO Tadanori (left), a leader of the nonprofit organization related with medicine, shows a package of DVD with his friend.
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/localNews/2010_129308090918.html)


The Medicine Study Group, an incorporated nonprofit organization located in Oita Prefecture, produced DVD that explains how to take medicine and how to choose it wisely in sign language in order to help the Deaf community in the prefecture in the southern island of Japan.

YANO Tadanori (63), a leader of the group, had worked for the pharmaceutical company. The revision Pharmaceutical Affairs Act was enforced in April, 2009 after he had retired. The law allows people to buy the medicine in the convenience store. At the same time, the the concern for the medicine increased, and so he decided to make the best use of his experience and formed the group.

While acting, Yano has felt that the dissemination to the Deaf community was insufficient, and planned the production of DVD in sign language.

The group, funded by the promotion of non-prescription pharmaceutical self-medication Promoting Foundation in Tokyo, made 300 copies of DVD. The prefecture society of the Deaf cooperated in the interpreting.

DVD, which runs about 30 minutes, introduces the characteristics of the medicine, how to choose it properly, and the combination with health food. DVD is also useful in the drugstore, etc. besides being presented to the organizations of the Deaf in the country.

Yano spoke, "There are about 7,000 Deaf persons in the prefecture. I would like them to refer to DVD in the proper use of medicine".

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