Documentary film on Deaf young lugger man aired in Kyushu

Deaf high school rugby club captain OTSUKA Takayuki at hard work

A visual document produced by JNN Kyushu/Okinawa, titled "Our hot shout of joy for you!! High school lugger man's challenge", aired on TV in Kyushu, the southern island of Japan early December.

It focused on OTSUKA Takayuki, a deaf student who attends a hearing high school in Oita Prefecture.

He, who hardly hears anything, belongs to the rugby club, and is not allowed to use the hearing aid, so he does not hear anything like the referee's whistle, the voice of the instruction of the ally during the match.

He who doesn't use sign language heavily depends on lip reading to understand what is told.

Head coach TSUTSUMI Shouji chose Otsuka as the club captain at current year for his strong will.

Otsuka has dreamed that his team would compete at the National High School Rugby championship for the first time.

YouTube ( Japanese caption) shows his challenge aiming at the national championship as his last game as high school lugger man.

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