Deaf player joins professional independent baseball league in Niigata Prefecture

New players pose. NORO Taiki, a deaf player, is at right in the second row.

Ten baseball players including high school students newly joined a baseball team, called Niigata Albirex BC, a member of the professional independent baseball league.

They had an interview in the Eco-Stadium Niigata in Niigata City on December 13, and were willing to tell what they would do for the baseball.

NORO Taiki (22), the only deaf player, joined as an outfielder. After he had graduated from the Horikoshi High School in Tokyo, He took an active part at Heisei International University, a member of the Kanto area new student baseball league. He is a swift runner, and won the best prize two times for his achievement to steal base most at the university. He is a good player all for running, offense and defense.

NORO says, "Being deaf means life is inconvenient, but I think I must work harder because I am deaf. I hope my performance will give the speculator courage".

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