Deaf high school student won microcomputer car contest in Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture

The 16th Hokkaido region contest for the "Japan Microcomputer Car Contest 2011" was held in the Sapporo Technology High School in Sapporo City on December 11-12, sponsored by Hokkaido Technology High School Administrators Association.

At this contest, the high school students competed for the speed of the self-made microcomputer car. Students from 23 high schools across Hokkaido participated with 186 self-made cars.

The microcomputer car is self-propelled with a battery motor when is perceived the white line at the center of the 51-meter-long course with the sensor, competing over the time of one round. There were a team and individual matches.

UEDA Yuki, a student of Hokkaido High School for the Deaf located in Otaru, won the individual match. He will compete in the national contest scheduled at the Sapporo international Information High School on January 9 next year.

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