Deaf elementary student wins championship in rhythmic sportive gymnastics in Hiroshima Prefecture

Kakeyasu Akari with the gold medal elegantly poses for the photo.

Kakeyasu Akari (11), a born-Deaf fifth grader of the elementary school located in Hiroshima City won the championship of the category of Indian clubs in the Hiroshima Prefecture Junior Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Championships held in the city on November 28.

She put the microphone in front of the public address system which would sound out music to the hearing aid on her through the wireless, before playing for about one and a half minutes.

She won the first place out of 17 players from the elementary school fifth grade to the junior high-school second year. Takeyasu's powerful expression and the gracefulness, etc. were highly evaluated. She was pleased, saying that she has wanted to win the championship absolutely".

Yearning to the appearance of the person who danced with the ribbon, she started learning rhythmic sportive gymnastics when she was 5 years old, but it was hard because her body movement and the sense of rhythm hardly matched to the sound and the tune.

Takeyasu pressed her ear against the CD deck to confirm the tune many times. She even joined the rhythmic sportive gymnastics club and practiced three times a week at the sports center, accompanied by her mother Keiko (37).

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