Deaf and hearing children enjoy soccer coached by former player with interpreting in Nara Prefecture

Sanponsuge Takashi (left), a former professional soccer player, coaches the children while an interpreter (center) watches them.

The first workshop where Deaf and hearing young school children learned together how to play soccer took place in the ground of the High School for the Children with Disabilities in Nara Prefecture on November 21.

The coach and four players, including Sanponsuge Takashi (32), a former professional soccer player, from the Specified Nonprofit Activities Organization "Nara Club" located in Nara City taught the workshop with interpreting.

Eleven members from the Nara Deaf Kids Soccer Club located in Yamato-Koriyama City and 12 hearing children who were recruited participated in the workshop.

Uchino Yusuke (9), a fourth grader from Nara Prefecture School for the Deaf, spoke happily, "I understood what the coach told us. I enjoyed practice".

Sanponsuge said, "The kids really worked hard, and good at practice. We hope we can offer them more chances to play soccer together in the future".

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