Crime rampancy that Deaf approaches each other

Deaf Lawyer TAMON Hiroshi explains the criminal act by the Deaf.

The cases that the Deaf person does an illegal act against other Deaf person is endless.

Lawyer TAMON Hiroshi (43), who became the first Deaf lawyer in 1998, has offered the free law consultation in JSL for the Deaf with a difficult access to justice every month for 11 years since 1999 in Tokyo.

He said that about 80 percent of about 300 cases was related with a swindle and pyramid selling by the Deaf themselves.

Moreover, other Deaf experts pointed out that because it is difficult for the Deaf in the access to the government administration and justice, it is not easy to find the damage and its recovery.

"It is necessary to increase personnel who deals with the cases by training them regarding Deaf awareness, setting up the post that teaches sign language in the organization".

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