Barrier-free movie festival takes place in Saga Prefecture

Kimura Yuichi (center) and Prefecture Governor Furukawa Yasushi share the session as a part of the film festival in Saga Prefecture.

An event called the "Barrier-free Film Festival 2010" was held on November 26-28 in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, a part of Kyushu Island of Japan. This festival that focuses on the films with caption and audio for the Deaf and persons who are visually impaired is the first kind in the world.

Comedian Kimura Yuichi (47) was invited as a guest at the event on November 26. He had first directed the movie titled "Forged Notes", which was screened last year. He spent about two weeks on its barrier-free edition, that is, caption and audio, which was then first screened in the public.

When Kimura and Governor Furukawa Yasushi (52) talked at the session in the hall, Kimura explained details, saying, "Because I had would like all people, the young and the elder, men and women, to enjoy my work, and so agreed to edit for barrier free".

He talked about a barrier-free film, "It is necessary to know about it earlier. Even people without disabilities easily understand watching the barrier free film. It should become standard in the future".

"I think that it is good if the Deaf and persons who are visually impaired are part of the production staff from the beginning so that the barrier should be removed".

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