Tenth anniversary wedding ceremony for Deaf couple held in marine park in Kanagawa Prefecture

The 10th anniversary wedding ceremony was held for the married Deaf couple aged forties in the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture on October 30. A company employee Takayuki Minato and his wife Toshiko, Yokohama City residents, were escorted by the dolphin and the sea dog. The couple said pleasantly that the event which would be best remembered as a new start again for their life.

Takayuki attended Tsukuba University School for the Deaf in Chiba Prefecture and graduated from Tokai University. Toshiko studied welfare through the communication system university while working after she graduated from the Prefecture Oihama High School, and acquired BA.

They first met in the sign language circle at the IT company where they worked, and got known more each other. They were married in 2000 and lived in Miura City. The next year their first child was born. She is hard of hearing, now a fourth grader.

The family loved dolphin and the fish, visiting the Marine Park in the city as often as twice a month with the annual membership passport. However, as they had wanted to spend more time together they moved to other city near the company, and so they visited the park less. The marine park officials offered the Deaf couple with their gratitude to hold a ceremony commemoration.

The second wedding was held in the dolphin show hall, and the bride and bridegroom both in a scuba diving suit were riding on the dolphin. They exchanged the oath in sign language in front of their family members, friends, and the public guests, which was applauded by the attending people and sea dog, too. The dolphin put out the tail from the surface of the water to show agreement.

After the exchange of wedding rings that the sea dog had carried, the Deaf couple signed the wedding certificate. They said to the people attending in sign language, "Thank you for joining us today. We are glad to spend happy time with your blessing. We certainly will protect ourselves with our daughter to remain happy".

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