Person in boyish costume doing PR in sign language for Tokyo Sky Tree district

Oshinari-kun, a person dressed up in a boyish costume, does PR for the shopping district in sign language.

The local commercial society around the new tower called "Tokyo Sky Tree" in Sumida Ward, Tokyo designed a person dressed up in a boyish costume to represent the shopping district.

He was named "Oshinari-kun" and does PR for the district, by joining the local events and strolling in the surrounding on Saturday every week.

Recently, he challenges sign language. The opportunity came to him when the society staff has participated in the training in sign language in order to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

Oshinari-kun participated in the staff training in sign language on October 19, and visited the volunteer center to learn sign language on October 22.

He has learned to sign such as "My best regards", "Oh, yes", "I want to go up to the observatory", "Please visit us again", etc. However, there is a restriction in the signed expression because he has the round hands without the fingers.

The staff says, "Oshinari-kun wants you to overlook the limit as he signs in his own way".

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