Hearing students in Saga Prefecture learn the role of hearing dog

The note-taking circle "Mimi no Kai" held a meeting to introduce the work of the hearing dog at a municipal junior high school in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture in the southern island of Japan on November 15.

Invited was a 12-year-old hearing dog named "Chiro", trained by a guide dogs training society located in Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture in the same island. She worked with her trainer to show how to achieve for the Deaf user: hearing the bell of the fax and telling the trainer, waking up the sleeping trainer after the sound of the clock alarm.

The trainer spoke there were about 10,000 Deaf persons who need the hearing dog while there were only 21 hearing dogs were available in the whole country. She also spoke about the important role of the hearing dog for the Deaf. "It becomes mental support for the Deaf in daily life not only helping but also staying nearby".

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