Hearing man suspected for false report with use of emergency text message service for the Deaf

The false text message had been sent to "the 110 emergency mobile text message service", set up for the emergency call from the Deaf/HoH that the Hyogo Prefecture Police Department has been operating since 2004.

The Osada police station arrested a hearing company employee (45) on November 15 in Kobe City on the suspicion of the violating the Minor Offenses Act (false declaration). It is the first time that the prefecture police arrested the false report by "the 110 emergency text message service".

The employee e-mailed the emergency mobile service at around 3:00 am on September 14, saying that a time bomb was set up. The officers ran to the company after getting the report and searched thoroughly for the bomb.

According to the police, the man has admitted the suspicion, saying that he wanted to dispel the job stress and put the bomb".

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