Hearing children attracted to dancing in sign language

Group members practice dancing in sign language.
(photo: http://www.nnn.co.jp/dainichi/news/101118/20101118037.html)

A group called "Chupachapusu" in Osaka City, of which a singer Yoshino Etsuyo (32) is the representative, has attracted 15 hearing children aged from 5-15 children to dance in sign language. They are working hard at the practice in the town hall nearly every day.

Etsuyo had learned about dancing in sign language when performing with other groups five years ago, and has taught several hearing children how to dance in sign language while her own performance on stage.

She called the local community last September and started up the group. "Dancing in sign language was originally produced for and by the Deaf", she says, "I believe it should be a good chance for hearing people to know sign language, too".

One of the members (11) says, "it is difficult to dance while corresponding the word to sign language". Other also shows the more interest in sign language, saying, "I want to learn conventional sign language though there are so many signs that I must remember".

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