First DVD produced by Aomori Prefecture Police for pretest to renew driving license in sign language and caption in Japan


Aomori Prefectural Police Department produced DVD with sign language and caption for the first time in the country to allow 75-year-old or more drivers to take a pretest for the senile dementia check which is obligated when the driving license is to be renewed. Twenty-five driving schools in the prefecture have started using DVD.

The pretest, introduced to decrease the number of car accidents by the elder across the country last year, examines the memory and the judgment of the elder driver. The Aomori Prefecture Information Center for the Deaf cooperated with the police department in producing DVD as there are elder drivers with a hearing trouble.

At the driving school that uses DVD, the interpreter on a monitor TV shows four pictures and asks, "There is a wardrobe in the box. Which picture is the same one in it?", etc. in sign language and caption at the same time.

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