DeafBlind man from Osaka products movie based on his experience

Kadokawa Shinichiro (left) answers through sign language in tentacle. The screen is a clip from the movie he made.

The production of a movie with a DeafBlind man as the main character was completed. It was screened in Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture on November 13.

The movie was made by Kadokawa Shinichiro (45), a DeafBlind resident of Osaka City. He wrote the scenario based on the experience in his younger days.

At the beginning of the movie, a Deafblind man named Kenta recollects about himself 20 years ago. He is a student isolated at the university, and meets a hearing girl by chance.

She learns Braille and accompanies Kenta whenever he moves around. He is said by a friend of hers that he is a burden for her.

Shocked, Kenta actually feels difficult spending time at the university, and is anxious whether to go to the United States to study as there is the advanced support system for the DeafBlind in the country.

Shinchiro went to study to the U.S. after graduation from the university and learned how to support the DeafBlind. He set up an incorporated nonprofit organization, the Welfare Center for the DeafBlind "Smile" at Tennoji Ward, Osaka City in 1999 after he had returned home, and has been assumed the position of the chief director.

Shinichiro has started sign language classes and computer workshops for the DeafBlind. His movie was produced in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of establishment.

He says, "I would be glad if the movie gives people a chance to know more and support the DeafBlind better".

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