DeafBlind group sponsors tenth anniversary forum in Tokushima City

Fashion show by DeafBlind members

The Tokushima Society of the DeafBlind, composed of the DeafBlind, their families and friends, was established in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture in May, 2000. It works on the fellowship exchange program, public relations, etc. for the members' social participation.

A forum took place to celebrate the tenth anniversary of establishment in Tokushima City on November 20, and about 270 people including members and their supporters participated.

Chairwoman Kakuta Hatsue greeted the audience, saying "The DeafBlind tend to be alienated from information and communications, but we will try to make people understand our needs and use the welfare system as well in order to participate in the society".

Osugi Katsunori, chairman of the Hiroshima DeafBlind Society and a guest speaker, spoke, "Even though you may be able to use neither sign language nor braille, you can take communication positively by writing letters on the palm".

There were a slide pictures of the past decade activities and a fashion show by the members.

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