Deaf volleyball coach awarded for his leadership in Okinawa Prefecture

Hirotoshi Shimajiri (right) and his former teacher Kozo Miyazato are glad to win the grand prize.

The last audition of "The 15th Okinawa Colony Grand Prize" was held by the executive committee in Naha City on November 10.

The prize is given to a person with disability whose effort for independence and the activities for social, cultural and art, etc. are remarkable.

Hirotoshi Shimajiri (57), a Deaf dormitory supervisor of Okinawa School for the Deaf was selected as a recipient of the grand prize. He is also a coach for the women volleyball club of the prefecture association of the deaf.

The presentation ceremony is scheduled to take place on December 9 in the event of the Day of the Persons with Disabilities.

The committee chair Yutaka Takamine explained the reason for the selection, "He contributed to the disability sports activities in the prefecture as he led the team to win the third place in the National Athletic Meeting held in Chiba Prefecture in October".

Hirotoshi started volleyball under the guidance of Coach Kozo Miyazato when he was 15 years old at the Okinawa School for the Deaf. Hirotoshi has been a coach for the women volleyball club since 2004.

He said, "I want to share the pleasure to get the award with my former teacher Kozo, my family and the teammates. My next goal will be to lead the team to the top in the country".

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