Deaf circle members win highest award in contest on support project for Deaf students at university

Deaf students representing their circle at Gumma University show the highest award.

At the national symposium held by PEPNet Japan (the Postsecondary Education Programs Network in Japan), etc. at Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture on November 14, there was the third practice case contest concerning the support project for the Deaf students. Fourteen groups made a presentation.

Half the number of about 300 students and school personnel in total from across the country voted on the best presentation.

As a result, three Deaf students from Gumma University won the highest award for the first time. They appealed their own disability positively, and their positive attitude toward the circle activity and the classes, etc. impressed the participants who voted.

At the university, the CART service to support the Deaf students in the classroom has been introduced by the circle of about 25 students.

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