Deaf-related groups hold meeting on dissolve information divide in Fukuoka Prefecture

The pep rally took place in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture on October 30, aiming at the legal system change so that the persons who are Dead and hard of hearing could have access to information without any barriers and share it with each other.

It was sponsored by the prefecture promotion headquarters, consisted of nine organizations including the prefecture association of the Deaf, and about 140 people participated.

In the meeting, it was pointed out that the services of interpreting and caption, etc. were not enough in daily lives, such as the education, justice, the election, etc. , and that there was a information divide in society.

The participants confirmed that the development of a new legal system to provide the persons who are Deaf and hard hearing with security for information and communications as a right was necessary along with the enforcement of a new welfare law of the persons with disabilities to replace the current welfare law.

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