Deaf group produces pickles for sales in Kagoshima Prefecture

The organization, formed by a Deaf person, the family and a former teacher in Kagoshima City in the prefecture, celebrated its first anniversary in October.

Members of the organization are about 100 people aged 20s-80s including 60 Deaf persons. They have produced the vegetable in the field, and recently started a new project; production and sales of the pickles.

The farm is an area of about 30 ares with six greenhouses, where 14 kinds of vegetables such as spring onions are produced. Members who have a spare time come to help farming for a few days during the week. Moreover, they are breeding about ten chickens in the farm, too.

The vegetable is delivered to home at two places in the city besides being sold to mainly the members for the set price of 100 yen.

The organization was approved as a food manufacturing industry which they had submitted in September, and worked on the pickles production by the guidance of a certified cook.

About 30 bags of the greens pickles were first shipped and sold at the "welfare festival" on October 31.

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