Deaf boy's work chosen best at national schools for the Deaf art exhibition

Nakamura Yu, a fifth grader, receives the award from the chairwoman, Santo Akiko at the school.

The 15th National Schools for the Deaf Art Exhibition" was held, sponsored by the Education and Welfare Society for the Deaf.

From the kindergarten and elementary category of the event, the work of a fifth grader Nakamura Yu (11) of Shizuoka City was chosen to be the best one, awarded by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. He is attending the Shizuoka Special Support School for the Deaf in the city.

Yu's work titled "The Shizuoka Dome" was chosen from the 552 works submitted from across the country. He painted and crayoned the scene which the soccer and baseball players are seen in the ground in the dome with the twinkled stars.

The award ceremony took place at the school on November 16. The society chairwoman Santo Akiko handed the certificate to Yu.

He said, "I am really glad. I drew a picture of my dream to have the Shizuoka Dome set up. I will work hard to draw a better picture ".

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