Women's volleyball combined team winning first round

Volleyball team won the first round at the official game.
(photo: http://mytown.asahi.com/areanews/gifu/NGY201010090018.html)

The Gifu local high school volleyball game took place on October 9, and the women's volleyball combination team, the first-ever national team consisted from Deaf and hearing students, won the first round in the official game.

However, the team, due to lack of power, was repelled by the Gifu North High School in the second round, defeated.

Tomohiro (29) a hearing teacher of the Gifu School for the Deaf, who served as the coach of the combination team, said in deep emotion, "I believe the Deaf students must have felt happy with playing equally with the hearing players and their confidence might be deepened".

The combined team immediately restarted the practice on October 10 for the prefecture preliminary game scheduled for October 24 before the National High School Championship (high volleyball game in spring).

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