Volleyball teams of Deaf school and hearing school combined for game in Gifu Prefecture

Deaf students and hearing students work hard at practice volleyball as a combined team.
(photo: http://www.gifu-np.co.jp/news/kennai/20101008/201010081057_11857.shtml)

The women's volleyball club both in the high school of the Gifu School for the Deaf and Gifu Seitoku College High School, both located in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, were combined as a team to play in the general sport meet held in the city on October 9.

It is the first time in the country that Deaf students and hearing students were made into a combined team to participate in the official game of a general high school.

While Gifu Schools for the Deaf has five players, Gifu Seitoku College High School has four. So either team would fail meet the number of six players as a team required by the participation regulations of the general high school official game.

The formation of combined teams has become possible, because of the member shortage admitted to participate in the game was allowed by the regulations revision of the National High School Physical Education Federation this year.

Both the volley ball teams, which have practiced together for years, were combined as a team without any difficulty in August.

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News is pretty impressive that the women's volleyball club both in the high school,although the post is also wonderful.

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