Vibration board for Deaf put on floor to feel the music

The member of the sign language band "Kokoro-oto" express lyrics in sign language following the vocalist.

The sound of a live concert is experienced with the vibration board set up on the floor, offered by Hibino Co.

For the live concert by a sign language band, called "Kokoro-oto", the acoustic system will be introduced so that the Deaf audience will be able to feel the music.

The vibration board called "The Floor Shaker" is set up on the floor, and the loud speaker usually on the stage side is put behind the hall.

The Deaf person tends to come near the stage to feel the vibration from the loud speaker in a music event.

When he or she can't come near the stage, it is impossible to feel the vibration of the sound. So the Floor Shaker and the loud speaker is placed behind.

"Kokoro-oto" was formed in 2000 and there are Deaf and hearing members. They will perform a live concert at "Club Touch" in Kwasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture on October 10. Admission fee is 3,000 yen.

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