Signing singers to perform at national sports meet for disabled in Chiba Prefecture

Kiyomi Nakamura (right) and Atsushi Sakaki

Kiyomi Nakamura (33), a Deaf singer, says, "I don't know whether I sing well. Only I feel failed everyday". Atsushi Sakaki (35), a hearing guitarist, responds, "We always get over with the difficulty by meeting the audience".

The 10th National Sports Meet for Persons with Disabilities will take place in Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture on October 23-24. At the event 13 items are scheduled both in the individual and the group according to the category of disability.

The singing group will perform in front of over 3,000 athletes and more than 10,000 spectators in the opening ceremony. They say, "We will be given energy by them. We have been excited about it".

When Atsushi sang in the corner of the town of Kitasenju in Tokyo eight years ago, Kiyomi told him that she heard only his songs". And the duo started. Since then Atsushi trained her hard almost every day.

There is a part that Kiyomi will sing, too, in the opening ceremony though she usually supports Atsushi singing a song by her dance and sign language.

They say, "We will never stop singing together. When we go to other place far away, we see very energetic elderly persons, who give us their great power".

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