Sign language circle learning how to support the Deaf at downpour disaster in Hiroshima Prefecture

Members of the JSL circle experience the strong rainfall.

About 20 members of a JSL circle called "Ayumi" (Progress) in Hiroshima City visited the Chugoku Technical Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in the city and participated in the experience program on September 30.

The staff explained to them that Hiroshima Prefecture is the worst in the country for the dangerous stream of debris flow, and that the rainfall which begins at 150 ml per hour continues to increase to 40ml per hour without stop will cause the sediment disaster.

The staff also told them to get prepared well beforehand, such as the place of a shelter, etc.

And then the members put on the raincoat and boots and experienced the rainfall at 100ml per hour in the rainfall experience machine. They actually felt the situation that they were not able to hear the voice easily because of the intense sound of the rain (photo).

The on-site workshop was planned taking the opportunity of the downpour disaster in July. Fumiko Suyama (46), a Deaf JSL instructor said, "We Deaf people feel scared of the disaster and are worried about whether we can obtain the emergency disaster information. We need to prepare things in a time of the disaster".

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