Persons with disabilities including Deaf taking driving course in Niigata Prefecture

The participant is driving the car around with the supervising instructor sitting next to him in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre.

A group involved in promotion of the traffic safety in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture and the prefecture police, etc. held the driving course at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre in the city on October 3. It aimed to check the driving skills. Over 30 people participated with their own car.

The participants drove the car with the supervising instructor from the car driving school, who was next to the driver, around in the center.

They said, "I have driven in my own way, but it was good to learn how turn the steering wheel, etc".

After the course, the Deaf participant aged 55 said, "The instructor gave me good advice. Hereafter, I will drive safety".

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