Interpreters decreased in Hiroshima Prefecture

Students receive the basic course on interpreting.

In Higashi-hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the number of interpreters involved in the interpreter dispatch service is insufficient. Twenty-three interpreters registered under the service is less than 10% of about 470 Deaf residents.

The city is aiming at helping the applicant for the qualification acquisition and an increase of the volunteers by offering sign language classes.

The interpreting service consigns to the city social welfare organization by the city. About 200 Deaf residents a year in total use it. Those who has passed the beginner's class examination to be a interpreting volunteer in Hiroshima Prefecture will be registered.

However, most of them are busy with child care and work. While some of them have a health problem because of a bigger physical burden, aging advances, too, and eight interpreters have quit the service, compared with 31 active interpreters of fiscal year 2007.

The city welfare organization has offered the course since last year, and for this current year a new course is scheduled for November. This time, the target will be those who completed the basic course that trains the interpreting volunteers.

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