Hearing university students participate in "note taking" course in Kumamoto Prefecture

The note taking course at the Kumamoto University of Health Science.
(photo: http://kumanichi.com/news/local/main/20101024005.shtml)

The course that trains the note taker started at the Kumamoto University of Health Science in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, a part of the southern island of Japan, on October 23.

The Higher Education Consortium Kumamoto, made from 14 universities and technical colleges in the prefecture, arranged the course for the first time, aiming at supporting children and students who are Deaf/hard of hearing.

Thirty-four students from 7 universities participated. They will learn the note-taking method and the writing, etc. for three days until October 31. They will use the best of the note-taking technique when working as a volunteer in schools and events.

One of the participating students who studies the special support class said, "I learned note-taking first this year. I am interested to know how to make a note the content of the lecture for Deaf students".

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