Hearing teacher of Deaf children awarded for development of teaching material

Tokihiro Hashimoto shows the teaching material for displaying art works and comments, etc. on screen.
(photo: http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/chiba/20101007/CK2010100702000076.html)

Early October the teaching material that Tokihiro Hashimoto (51), a hearing art teacher of Tsukuba University Special Support School for the Deaf, won the 41st Hakuho Award (in category of special support education) of a foundation, the Hakuho Children Education Development Association established in 1970.

Tokihiro has made a CD software which shows on the screen what any student, friend, or the teacher comments on the painting and the sculpture, the art works made by the students, etc.

He has worked since 2005 fiscal year. The explanation of the technical term of the art, etc. was also included in the software.

The Deaf students' work collection software was made in Japanese and Hangul in cooperation with the National Seoul School for the Deaf in South Korea last May.

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