Hard of hearing man doing Karate for 55 years in Oita Prefecture

Kenichi Kono with the certificate as a master of the Okinawa legitimate Karate.
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/localNews/2010_128728291629.html)

It has been 55 years for Kenichi Kono (67) with the Karate. He has his own gym, teaching office workers and university students in Oita City, Oita Prefecture.

Kenichi acquired the ninth class certificate of the Okinawa legitimate Karate in April this year. He says, "I will continue to do the Karate until I die".

When he was a junior high school student, Kenichi started the Karate. He lost hearing in the left ear due to scarlet fever at the age of three. He had wanted to overcome the inferiority complex that came from his deafness.

Kenichi came across actual combat Karate with the use of a part of protector at the age of 17, and later gave himself up to the kind of Karate that does not require to wear the protector at all.

He had won the championship in the lightweight class of the national athletic meeting, having been an active player until he was 39 years old.

Kenichi is teaching the Karate at his gym while working in the salvage industry company. Also he is serving as the vice president of the Oita Prefecture Association of the Hard of Hearing.

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