Former teacher of Deaf children holding photograph exhibition in Tottori Prefecture

Keiichi Takada, a former teacher of the school for the Deaf, at his photograph exhibition in Tottori City.

The photograph exhibition of Keiichi Takada (62) was held in two locations in Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture on October 8-13. He was a former teacher of Tottori Prefecture School for the Deaf who had raised the photograph club for the students to the best one across the country.

The exhibition was planned as a part of the 100th anniversary of establishment of the school. To appeal understanding of the Deaf people living in the community, the exhibition introduced the old and present situations of 65 graduates by the 120 monotone photos along with the sentences.

Keiichi worked for the school for 33 years from 1976 and formed the photograph club as an adviser to encourage the withdrawing students to be independent in the workforce after leaving. He has aimed also at the promotion of communications skills through the club activities.

He had taken photograph of the graduates for two years before retirement. They, aged 18-50s, live nationwide and cooperated in the project.

Keiichi pleasantly said, "When attending school, the students who had disliked to be taken a photograph responded willingly to the project. Everyone looked forward to the photograph exhibition".

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