Deaf organizations starting signature activity to request information accessibility at disaster

Seven Deaf organizations in Gunma Prefecture started the signature activity in September to request the "information access and communications" for the Deaf community at the disaster, etc.

It aims that the ministries concerned recognize the disaster information, etc. to be provided promptly by more interpreters, etc. as the "right" of the Deaf person.

The groups plan to collect about 20,000 signatures in the prefecture by August next year.

The Deaf community was not aware of the critical accident that occurred in the nuclear power plant in Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1999, because they were unable to catch the disaster prevention wireless.

The nationwide signature campaign responded to the move that the government headquarters which promotes the reform of the disability system. It plans to submit the draft of the amendment bill of the Disabled Persons Fundamental Law by next year.

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