Comic strips, produced by Deaf woman on life with hearing dog, now on net

Asami Uehara and "Matsu", her hearing dog.

The cartoon strips that Asami Uehara (46), a Deaf resident in Okinawa Prefecture, drew about her life with her 9-year-old hearing dog, "Matsu" is now on the net. (

She is the first user of the hearing dog in the area of Kyushu and Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan. Matsu has been sent from an organization called the Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, located in Nagano Prefecture, for free.

According to the organization, Asami's 33-page comic on her experience with the hearing dog in actual life may be the first time in Japan.

She says, "I would be glad if my comic helps hearing people to get interested in the hearing dog and the Deaf community".

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