Centennial anniversary of Deaf school celebrated in Kagawa Prefecture

Deaf students play the Japanese drum" at the ceremony.
(photo: http://www.shikoku-np.co.jp/kagawa_news/education/article.aspx?id=20101030000326)

Kagawa Prefecture School for the Deaf in Takamatsu City in the prefecture held the centennial anniversary of establishment ceremony on October 30. About 300 people including Kagawa Prefectural Governor attended it.

The principal addressed the participants, "Everyone in the community has kindly supported our school. We aim at the education meeting the needs of each student in the future".

The alumni members and the students pledged for further development of the school while remembering its 100-year history.

In the opening, 21 students from the drum club performed the Japanese drum, whose drumbeats filled the gym.

The drum performance won the gold prize of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in the National Deaf School Concert Contest in January, 2010.

The school was established as a school for the blind and deaf-mute in 1908, and the class for the deaf-mute students was formed in the school in 1910. There are more than 800 alumni members.

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