Princess Kiko chats with Deaf soccer players in sign language after film show


Princess Kiko, the wife of Prince Akishinonomiya who is the younger brother of the Crown Prince, appreciated the documentary movie titled "The Eye Contact", which focuses on the activities of the Deaf women soccer team, in the hall located in Minato Ward, Tokyo on September 4.

The movie spotlights the national women soccer team that debuted to the "Deaflympic Games" in Taipei in 2009: each player's daily life, school and workplace after the team was formed and competed in the game.

Princess Kiko talked with the teammates who appeared in the movie and the coach in sign language. She has used the sign language since her college days.

The princess said to them, "The atmosphere of the team was very good. You must have worked hard to play soccer". Even she asked, "How often did you practice it in a week?".

A preview of "The Eye Contact" (in Japanese)!

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