Party held to celebrate long-lived Deaf elders in Nagano Prefecture

The Deaf elders enjoy a magic show at a party.

The Kami-ina society of the Deaf in Nagano Prefecture arranged a party for five Deaf elders aged over 75 and celebrated their longevity at the "Nagomi House", a daycare facility for the elders, on September 21.

In the "Nagomi House", where the persons with disabilities and the elders enjoy gathering readily, a group called "Momiji" that offers a daycare service to the Deaf elders on Tuesdays, arranges events and programs.

The party for the Deaf elders was held along with a meeting of the "Momiji" members. They had a nice time having lunch and enjoying a magic show.

*It is customary to celebrate the longevity of the elders across Japan in the middle of September every year.

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