Parking space for bicycles completed at Deaf school in Kochi Prefecture

A new bicycle-parking space was completed in the Prefecture Kochi School for the Deaf in Kochi City on September 22. It was made by a collaboration work by 7 Deaf students in an industrial technological course and 17 hearing students in the architectural course.

The old bicycle-parking space was located in the place near the heavy traffic load of cars. Deaf school officials planned to set up a new bicycle-parking space away by about 100 meters, and proposed to the hearing high school in the city last December for the project.

The students, Deaf and hearing, had worked together on building the space for six hours every Wednesday since the middle of July.

One of the hearing students, Chihiro Ikeuchi (17) said, "I felt that it was possible to understand each other even though we hardly communicate. When a deaf friend nodded, I felt happy".

One of the Deaf students, Tomoko Okano (19) also said through the interpreter, "It was terribly good because the hearing friends taught me in a very gentle way. I was happy to have something good to remember".

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