National Deaf Sports Meet held in Tokushima Prefecture

Two local athletes (facing) are making the oath for the best performance in sign language in the Tokushima municipal gym.

The 44th National Deaf Sports Meet, sponsored by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, started in the Tokushima municipal gym on September 17. Holding in Tokushima Prefecture was first in 39 years since 1971.

An opening ceremony started at 14:00, and the Deaf athletes from each of 47 prefectures in Japan, marched proudly along with the performance of the prefecture police brass band.

After the oath made by local athletes, about 50 Deaf members of a local dance group and Deaf students showed the local dance called "Awa Odori", inviting the participants to join them.

The Sports meet were attended by 1,410 athletes from across the country, competing at 13 venues of four cities and towns for ten game items such like track and field, table tennis, baseball, etc. for two days from September 18.

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